About Betulum - Birch Sap

Our birch sap is extracted on a selective way, across tenths of thousands of hectares of forest, only from adult trees, usually older than 55 years, in mature forests, with a natural forest "climat". These forests are free from the use of any chemical or fertilizing treatments. And their remote locations minimize the risks of contamination, as they are very distant from any sources of atmospheric or liquid effluent pollution.

Birch sap extraction

The extraction of the sap is done on a sustainable way, without affecting the conditions of the trees and the forests, in order to eliminate possible negative environmental impacts, and, in areas where the forest surface coverage is sustainably increasing.

The sap is harvested only during a short period at the beginning of spring, in some years only for about 10 days. During this period, the nutrients stored during the freezing winter in the roots of the birch are transported by the sap flow to the branches, in order to "wake up" the tree for a new year of life. In this short period the sap presents a unique balance between mineral salts, sugars, fruit acids and amino acids, which results in its unique properties, in terms of composition, flavour and taste.

Betulum – Birch Sap is an exquisite gourmet product, with low salt content, allowing a balanced taste between the sweetness from the natural birch sugars, its acidity, and the sensation resulting from its electrolytes.


The sap is bottled at a facility certified in accordance with standards ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 and HACCP, using only colourless glass bottles. Glass is the packaging that allows best to preserve the original flavour and taste of the sap, being easily recyclable, thus preventing adverse environmental impacts.

Betulum – Birch Sap is low in calories, has organic certification and is subjected to detailed analysis of micronutrients.

Betulum – Birch Sap is the source of life of the birch forest, in a bottle