Harvest - Wild Bilberry Nectar

Vaccinium Myrtillus, grows mostly on the northern part of the north hemisphere, despite it can also be found also in more southern areas, mostly on altitude in mountain areas. On the more northerly areas, where the summer heat and the sun radiation are less intense, it can grow both on forests and on more openly areas, without trees or with low tree density.

The bilberries used in Betulum – Wild Bilberry Nectar are exclusively from the species Vaccinium Myrtilus, being hand harvested on selected areas from forests, among several tenths of thousands of hectares. Along the harvesting season, is made a selection of the fruits that present a good condition with a proper degree of maturation.

The maturation of the wild bilberries, under the protection created by the forest trees, is slower than in open areas without trees, due to a lower daily temperature and to a less intense sun radiation. This provides the bilberries with a more exquisite taste, as well as lower sugar content.

The bilberries used in Betulum are hand harvested generally between end of July and end of August, season in which it is possible to find berries with an optimal degree of maturation.

The species Myrtillus presents several properties that make it different from other species of the Vaccinium gender, also producing berry fruits with blue colour. It is a low shrub that grows slowly in surface along the years, with thin stems, and low depth roots. It presents a production of fruit on individual berries, sometimes grouped two by two. Berries are of small size, usually with 0,3-0,4 g/berry, with dark colour between blue and black and with a pulp of intense red colour.


The harvesting of the berries from Vaccinium Myrtilus is quite more time consuming than for other species of berries, due to the low height of the shrubs, to the isolated growth of the fruits, and to the sensitivity of such small shrubs to the use of harvesting combs, that can damage their thin branches and roots. Such time consuming harvest guarantees the sustainability of the areas where the shrubs live, which are not only a source of nourishment for Human consumption, but also an important source of nutrients for the animals living in the forest habitat, providing them with a precious nutritional reserve to allow them to survive over the long harsh winter. 

The berries are harvested preferably during the first hours of the day, when they are fresher, being delivered to the processing facilities quickly after its harvesting. 

Betulum – Wild Bilberry Nectar, with maximal respect for nature, is produced with the most exquisite among the blueberries (the “Myrtillus”) in terms of taste and nutritional properties, born and raised on a pure forestry environment, organically certified, as well as its harvesting.