Betulum - Para uma boa condição física

For a fit condition

BETULUM – Wild Bilberry Nectar (vaccinium myrtillus) is made from full bilberries, being rich in antioxidants and fiber and low in calories.
Contains phenols, namely flavonoids, mainly anthocyanins. Contains also many other trace elements valuable for health.
It is tasteful and rich in natural flavours from the wild bilberries, containing only the natural sugars of the fruit used.
It brings to you the antioxidant power of the forest with a fantastic intense taste to fresh wild berries.

Betulum - Uma Dádiva da Natureza

A Gift of Nature

The fruit used in our Bilberry Nectar is harvested in the purity of remote forests, far from contaminating sources of water and atmosphere, during the short period in which it presents optimal maturity.

A Gift of Nature, since ever appreciated in the temperate-cold areas of the northern hemisphere, where it grows.

Betulum - Para uma vida equilibrada

For a balanced lifestyle

We recommend the consumption of BETULUM – Wild Bilberry Nectar included on a balanced diet, without excess of fat, with a regular physical activity.

Nowadays, it is part of a healthy lifestyle, for those who give preference to natural products, recovering the culture of ancient times.