Betulum - For a fit condition

For a fit condition

BETULUM – Birch Sap is hydrating and refreshing, with birch natural sugars, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. It also contains several organic elements, including amino acids.
The vigour and energy, that awake the forest in early spring, brought to you.

Betulum - A Gift of Nature

A Gift of Nature

Our Birch sap is harvested in the purity of remote forests, far from contaminating sources of water and atmosphere, during a short period in which the sap has unique properties. A Gift of Nature, since long time greatly appreciated in Scandinavian, Slavic, Japanese and Chinese cultures.

Betulum - For a balanced lifestyle

For a balanced lifestyle

We recommend the consumption of BETULUM – Birch Sap included on a balanced diet, without excess of fat, with a regular physical activity. Nowadays, it is part of a healthy lifestyle, for those who give preference to natural products, recovering the culture of ancient times.

Betulum Research

The production of Betulum – Birch Sap is carried out with permanent research and technical development, to bring to you an exceptional, product combining its healthy properties with an excellence of flavours and taste!

Betulum – The source of life of the birch forest, in a bottle