Birch Sap historical use

Since remote times, the local populations have been awaiting for this magical moment, when the “heart” of the silver birch pumps this precious liquid, which they have learnt how to extract in harmony with the birch, without damaging the precious tree. When a small branch is cut or a thin hole is drilled on the trunk, the “Lady of the woods” drops its valuable tears, sharing with the humans its amazing source of healthy life.


"Tree of life"

During many centuries, this liquid sap from the “tree of life”, also known as birch water, with its delicate and exquisite taste, as enchanted the populations on the areas where these tree species grow, and became a tradition in White Russia, Scandinavia and other Slavic regions of Central Europe. Nevertheless, this ancestral tradition is also extended to other European regions, such as the Scottish highlands, Germany and Austria. Also on the other side of the Eurasian continent, this “drink of the Gods” is traditional, namely in Northeast China, Japan and Korea. There are also many references about its use by the indigenous populations in North America.


"Elixir of life"

This “elixir of life”, generously shared with Man by the “tree of wisdom”, has been consumed during many centuries, not only for its taste, but also for its nutrients and for its tonic and revitalizing properties. The properties of birch sap have been mostly appreciated after winter, when the human body is weakened due to the seasonal diseases, to a diet less rich in fresh foods and to a more sedentary lifestyle.

The amazing properties of Birch Sap have lead to its use on the popular medicine, as a way to help treating and preventing several diseases. Among others, there are references to its use for lung diseases, gout, stomach diseases, kidney stones, colds, infertility, deficient liver function, jaundice, scurvy, diarrhoea, headaches, cholera, skin diseases and rheumatism.


Traditionally, it has also been used as a smooth diuretic and detoxifier as well as in cosmetics, namely for hair growth and strengthening, for reducing and preventing freckles, for many skin diseases and for preventing baldness.

Birch Sap, a Gift of Nature and an amazing functional drink!

As harvesting the sap with such properties is only possible during a short period, and sap can spoil very quickly, in order to preserve it was also popular to produce beer or wine, for what honey and lemon juice were added to sap.